Wotif you could work out the mystery of Wotif mystery hotels?

Totally enjoying this blogging business so here is my theory on how to work out wotif mystery deals hotels! btw I know my title is lame. Beat it.

There are a few ways you can use to guestimate. Just for credibility purposes, I’m going to use two examples to demonstrate how to commit this act of ‘non-dodgy‘ just I’m a ‘smart asian‘ business..

Step 1. – Once you have a target hotel in your city, you need to refine your search to the same star rating. Then start looking through hotels with the same ‘type’ of star rating – self rated or AAA rating. For those who don’t understand see below.










Step 2 – The first thing to match up is the check in and check out time. This is pretty damn straight forward but just in case…

Ok so with some cool colour coding here are some ‘distinct’ features’ to look at of the hotel I believe is the mystery hotel. Below is my first example on 4.5 star hotel.

1. Bedding configurations (blue circle) This is generally a pretty good indicator, plus in this case, the on request is a little bit out of the norm.

2. Hotel facilities (green circle) – what you are looking for is not an exact match but features that don’t match. Most hotels are pretty smart and take out some features but obviously if things don’t match like whether the pool is heated, then you have the wrong one.

3. Hotel availability (red circle) – the general rule is that if a hotel is available on a mystery deal, it also has to be available on at least one of type of room on the hotel on its normal version.

Now, I’m going to talk about my second example, a 5 star hotel. Always do the check in/out time and star rating match. I’m not going to go into the red,green and blue circles which are repeated here.

1. Bedding configurations (yellow circle) – in addition to the matching bed configuration, the cost of additional guests and its limits in this example also matches.

2. Feature of the hotel (pink circle) – The mystery hotel mentions 3 food and beverage outlets and in the real hotel, they also discuss specifically 3 food and beverage outlets. – btw I have been here and I don’t understand what they have to be so proud of? the food kinda sucks.

3. The pricing of the room on different nights (multi colours) – definitely the MOST EPIC fail in hiding the identity. Not only is the availability the same, the change in price fluctuations is also exactly the same.

Anyway, thats it with the theories.. this blog took forever with my elementary paint cut and paste and mardi gras colour coding! Happy Sunday.. just before I go, while I was researching, I noticed that

‘gay friendly’ is listed as a hotel feature? WTF does that mean?!?!?!?!


CRaziAN x

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Brisbane taxis..

Hi! if you don’t know what this blog is about: check out the all about me page!

ok, here goes… first blog!

One of my biggest pet peeves – things to look out for:

1. Tariffs – these are the different rates you can be charged according to the time of day:

Tariff 1 – Monday to Friday (7am – 7pm)
Tariff 2 – All other times outside the above on Monday and Friday + Saturday and Sunday
Tariff 3 – Midnight – 5am anyday – just think of this as an extra $2 surcharge as some poor bugger is probably driving your drunky ass around at this time in the morning!

Public holidays – Tariff 3

Some taxi drivers flick over to Tariff 2 when its Tariff 1 time (say 6:45pm), same for Tariff 2 and 3 before midnight (although I never seem to be making my way home if I am out at this time anyway so haven’t actually seen this one happen yet)

2. Maxi Taxis

Probably the worst one of all. There is only one difference between the pricing of maxi’s and normal taxis. Their pricing structure is exactly the same except Maxi’s carry a $11 surcharge BUT this can only be charged if you ordered the taxi by phone.

If you hail a maxi taxi from a rank or on the street – no matter how many people hop in, they are not allowed to charge you this amount.

Don’t let any taxi driver argue with you and say “you would have needed a maxi anyway”

Easy way to check this dodgy act is to look at the tariff code on their meter – if it doesn’t say 1,2 or 3 it means they have charged you this surcharge.

*Hot tip – if you are only going a pretty short distance its better value to order two normal taxi’s as $11 (not including flagfall) will get you pretty far anyway.

3. Booking surcharge

There is a $1.50 surcharge added to your fee if you called for a taxi. I’ve had some taxi driver try to charge me this from a taxi rank, saying its a booking fee from the rank.  Simple rule – if you didn’t phone for a cab, you can’t be charged this.

Anyway, I’m sure there are lots of many other taxi ripping off ways  but just remember to most try and settle any dodgy stuff before you begin your trip – some taxi drivers get pretty agro at the end of the trip!

P.s There are some really nice taxi drivers out there – if they give you a pleasant trip, remember to tip them! Good karma 🙂


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